How does it work?

What is Athlete Influencer?


We’re a marketing agency with a mission to change the way athletes fund their careers.

Athlete Influencer partners with athletes to help them build a network of supporters.

We connect their supporters to top real estate agents.

Realtors pay for our marketing services and we pay athletes to connect home Buyers and Sellers to the best realtors.

We Meet Motivated Athletes

Athlete Influencer connects with athletes, focused on excellence in their chosen sport discipline.

We meet with the athletes to create a customized plan for them to engage with their audience.

Athletes Connect With Their Audience

The athlete and Ai create a way to keep their audience up to date with their life and athletic endeavours. This could be anything from social media to regular phone calls or meet and greets.

We Bring

Buyers / Sellers and Top Agents Together

When a member of the athlete’s audience is looking to buy, sell or both, the athlete connects their contact with.

  1. Specifics about Ai and our process and,

  2.  An Athlete Influencer Representative to discuss the next steps

Contracts are Signed

The Property is Bought / Sold 

Three contracts are signed to ensure accountability

  •  Athlete and Athlete Influencer

  • Athlete Influencer and Real Estate Agent

  • Real Estate Agent and Buyer / Seller


The contracts ensure the Athlete is paid for their work as influencers.

The Deal Closes 

Athletes get Paid

Upon completion of the deal and payment of commissions to the Real Estate Agent, the athlete is paid by Athlete Influencer.


Below is a breakdown of a sample transaction:

Meet our Athlete Influencers:

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Founded by Chris Cook, Canadian National Team veteran, Olympian and Former National Team Coach.

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